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PrePaid Phones - Some of the Advantages

http://moneyning.com  Monenyning explains the advantages of switching to a prepaid cell phone plan.

Verizon's Latest Addition - Fios Custom TV

A Short Guide to Time Warner Coupon Code Usage

A Time Warner coupon code can help eligible customers offset the costs of services. Some promotions provide TV, phone and Internet bundle discounts while others allow customers to waive fees.

What Is a Time Warner Service Bundle?

This usually includes two or three combined services offered for a lower price. For instance, a customer can save money on the cost of home phone, Internet and TV service when they order all three. Households can also order two services for one reduced rate.

Common Time Warner Cable Coupon Deals

Availability of discounts varies. Some of them apply to new signups while others might offer existing customers the chance to save money.

Here are some examples of Time Warner coupons:

1. Get a pay-per-view movie for only 99 cents.
2. Receive a $4.99 rebate on select movies.
3. Receive an activation fee credit.
4. Get a percentage off service bundle costs.

Using promotional codes can help customers save money on higher speeds and HD TV channels. They also can sign up for unlimited home phone service and pay less money. Additional offers that do not require typing in a code include rebates and online-only specials.

How to Use a Time Warner Coupon Code

Normally, companies will place the codes on their sites. However, customers will also see them placed on discount websites. Residents might also see deals arrive in the mail. In any case, the redemption process is similar.

Usually, all a customer has to do is click on the individual or combined services they want. Then, follow through with the order process. While doing so, the person ordering online will see a space to enter a Time Warner promo code. Of course, offers depend on service availability, as this company does not provide Internet, phone in TV in all locations.

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Money-Saving Verizon FiOS Bundles for 2014

Some of the discounts on Verizon FiOs bundles offered today don't require a promotional code. However, customers must go online to take advantage of some of the latest entertainment deals.

What Is a FiOS Bundle?

The FiOS bundle is a HD TV, Internet and/or phone package deal provided by Verizon for a lower price than ordering each service individually. Customers can sign up to receive premium speed services where available.

Current Verizon FiOS Bundles Available

This company provides quite a few options for people who want to save money. Everyone can pick the services they want instead of paying more for what they don't need.

Read more about bundles offered now:

• FiOS Triple Play Bundles – Customers can order one of two FiOs Triple Play bundles: Either the plan that requires the two-year commitment or the agreement that requires no contract. The contract plan comes with a $300 Visa gift card. Both deals offer local sports channels plus the chance to try out premium cable movie channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax free for three months. Users also receive upgraded Internet speeds of at least 15/5 Mbps and unlimited calling on a home phone. Users also receive a $200 certificate toward the purchase of select tablets. In addition, they can have the $49 activation fee waived when they order online. This bundle currently costs $79.99 per month.

• FiOS Double Play Deals – Eligible residents can sign up for the HD TV and 50/25 Mbps Quantum package and receive either HBO or Showtime with it and pay $50 per month. This price is guaranteed for a year. These packages also come with either HBO Go or Showtime Anytime, and local news and sports channels. Users can upgrade to the Fully Loaded Entertainment Pack, which includes 8 major movie channels plus local news and sports. Some offers include a $200 gift certificate to use toward the prices of select tablets and waived activation fees.

• Standard Verizon High-Speed Triple Play Bundle – This one includes reliable Internet services that offer 0.5 to 1 Mbps speeds. This option is great for people who use the computer to shop online or do homework, but rarely watch or download music or videos. This plan comes with a free Genie DVR upgrade and NFL Sunday Ticket 2014 as well as the Regional Essentials calling plan. This bundle is for new customers and costs only $69 per month. A two-year DirectTV term is required and the price is guaranteed for 12 months.

• Standard Verizon High-Speed Double Play Bundle #2 – This one offers Internet speeds of between 0.5 to 1 Mbps and the Regional Essentials calling plan. The home phone service includes at least three features such as caller ID, voicemail and anonymous call block. No contract is required and customers can cancel anytime. This one is for new installations only.

Residents who want to take advantage of Verizon bundle deals must live in the locations where service is available. Consumers are advised to check if the offers are available to existing or new customers.

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New Verizon FiOs Triple Play Codes for 2014

Verizon FiOs Triple Play deals can save buyers quite a bit of money when setting up Internet, premium HD TV service, and home phone connections. Customers can choose the entertainment bundle that's right for them and pay a fraction of the price.

Some Fios internet deals require promo codes while others do not. For instance, Verizon ran a promotion for new customers that ended in November 2013. This offer gave a $20 discount every month to eligible residents who ordered Triple Play bundles.

This major telecommunications company provides similar deals like this throughout the year. It's up to each person to keep track of new promotions posted because many of them have an expiration date.

Verizon has both non-FiOs and FiOS triple play deals running in June of 2014. Most of them don't require a promotional code. Where offered, customers can access online discounts that will help them save money on phone, Internet, and HD TV service.

Types of Promotions on Services Offered by Verizon

Customers have the option of choosing a contract or no-contract plan. They can hook up TV, internet and phone service as standalone services or bundles.

FiOS Internet – Current promotional offers for home use include speeds between 15/5 and 50/25 Mbps. Higher-speed home and business connections are also available for an additional fee.

High Speed Internet – Buyers have a choice of four different plans. One of them starts with 0.5 to 1 Mbps download and to 384 Kbps upload speeds. Three other plans offer different speeds from 1.1/384 to 15/1 Mbps.

Select HD TV – This plan gives customers more than 135 channels, including Nickelodeon, HGTV, TBS, USA and A&E. Customers can add on additional services to watch even more channels.

Preferred HD TV – This provides more than 225 channels, over 65 of which are HD. Enjoy Comedy Central, TNT Syfy, Fox News and ESPN. Customers might find deals that allow them to add on other movie channels sold separately.

Verizon Freedom Home Phone – Select plans provide you with unlimited local, regional and long distance calling. Get your calls even during emergencies and power outages.

In addition to the above plans, often included in Verizon FiOs Triple Play bundles, Verizon has Internet speeds as high as 500 Mbps available. They also offer Extreme and Ultimate HD TV plans that offer 300-390 total channels. These two plans include 80-120 HD networks.

In addition, customers can order premium movie channel packs. Some packages include HBO, Showtime, Starz, NFL and MLB sports channels.

Go here to check out the latest Verizon FiOs Triple Play deals and get your coupons today.

How to Pick the Best Internet Service Provider Promotion Code

You can't open up a webpage without seeing some Internet service provider promotion code. They are all over the Internet and for good reason; all the broadband companies know consumers are looking for the best deal and they have to compete for your hard earned dollars.

So how do you know which Internet service provider promotions codes are the best and which ones are just hype? In this article, we will separate the wheat from the chaff.

High Speed Internet Vs Fiber Optic

Right now you have two very distinctive options for Internet service: DSL/cable and fiber optics. Therefore, we will take a quick look at the two options.

  • Speed – Hands down, fiber optics is going to win every time. Fiber optics is going to blow DSL, cable, and satellite out of the water every time. If you want speed, then you will have to choose either AT&T UVerse or Verizon FiOS.
  • Price – As far as money saving, you will need to steer clear of fiber optics. Even with the best promo codes, you will not be able to beat the price of cable or DSL. The price of fiber optics is just too high right now. With a good Internet promotion code, you can get AT&T DSL for $15.
  • Reliability – Fiber optic wins again. This has to do with the technical aspect of fiber optics versus cable and DSL. Cable and DSL use copper wiring which uses electricity to send data. Copper and electricity are very easily hindered. However, fiber optics uses light to send data which is resistant to interference.

How to Choose a Good Promotion Code

Once you have chosen a provider, it is time to start looking at the codes themselves. This is a three step process.

  1. Check the expiration date. If the expiration date is out, there is no point in going any further. If there is no expiration date, then assume it can expire any day. Companies can revoke the coupon code at will.
  2. Read the terms of service. Before using a code, read the terms carefully; you don't want to choose a code to find out you just agreed to a three year contract with a $250 cancelation fee.
  3. Make sure you qualify. Some of the codes are for new customers only, while others apply to existing customers. Most codes are for online use only which means you must use the code online. If you need to ask a question, you can still call for help, but don't sign up for the service on the phone. Be sure to hang up and sign up online so you can use the code.

Internet Service Provider Promotion Code Picking Summary

  1. Decide on high speed versus fiber optic.
  2. Pick an Internet service provider.
  3. Check the expiration date on the promotional code.
  4. Read the terms of service.
  5. Make sure you qualify for the promotional code.

Find the latest Internet service provider promotion code offers and start putting cash back in your pocket today.

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Netflix Free Trial: Hype or Hoax?


Despite the fact the Netflix free trial has been around for ages, people still have questions about Netflix. It makes sense because no one ever believes you can get something for nothing. However, Netflix is so confident in their service that they really are offering a free trial for a month. They do believe once you try their service you won't want to cancel.

What do You Get During the Netflix Free Trial Month?

During your free trial month, you gain access to everything that Netflix has to offer. Don't listen to the rumors; there is no "limited access" or "free trial" viewing area. When you sign up for the free trial, you instantly gain access to every title that Netflix has to offer which Netflix is constantly increases.

Does Netflix Offer Closed Captioning or Subtitles?

All current movies Netflix acquires have closed captioning according to American with Disabilities Act.

You can thank the National Association of the Deaf if you like to watch movies with the closed captioning on because thanks to them, Netflix picked up the pace of adding closed captioning. Before the lawsuit, only 40% of movies had closed captioning. Now that the National Association of the Deaf won the suit, 80% of the movies have closed captioning and the 20% that do not are rarely watched, but you can still expect them to be added in the future.

Does the Netflix Coupon Code include DVDs?

You can choose the DVD option. After the free trial is over, you can choose a payment plan.

Netflix has a streaming video-only package for $8, add one DVD for $16, two DVDs for $20, or three DVDs for $24. This is an unlimited plan which means you can watch as many DVDs as you want during the month. You watch them and send them back. When they receive the DVD, they will send you another DVD on your list – just like a revolving door.

Can I Use another Netflix Coupon Code to Receive another Free Trial?

Please don't turn the Netflix free trial into a scam. Netflix does track your e-mail and your credit card which prevents users from using more than one coupon code, thus eliminating the customers from getting more than one free trial. While it is possible to use multiple e-mails and multiple credit cards to get multiple free trials, if you like Netflix, please just purchase the service.

Can I Share my Netflix Account with my Family?

Netflix does allow you to share your account with members of your family living in your house. However, you are not to share your account with anyone outside your household.

Since Netflix does allow sharing within a household, multiple streaming is allowed. This means if you want to watch a movie on the TV in the living room, you can. At the same time, your children can be watching another movie on the computer in the bedroom. This makes Netflix a perfect option for family entertainment.

With no hidden fees and no restriction, the Netflix free trial is just that – a free trial. Start your free trial today and find out if Netflix is right for you.

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Verizon FiOS Promotion Code has Costumers Browsing at the Speed of Light

Everyone is looking for the latest Verizon FiOS promotion code and that is great. But before you jump on the fiber optic bandwagon, here are six fun facts about fiber optics.

#1 Fiber Optics is Thinner than Cable and DSL

Fiber is smaller and thinner than traditional copper wire. This means fewer blockages and more service. It is hard to explain how small the fiber is, but the IT people are considering replacing transistors.

#2 Fiber Optics is More Secure

In a day and age where everyone is worried about security, fiber optic does increase security. Whether or not this will have you dashing for the Verizon promotional codes is another issue altogether, but there are tangible security increases using fiber optics.

Currently, it is just plain easier for hackers to tap into electrical (copper) wires than it is to tap into fiber optic wires. This makes data transfer on fiber optics more secure.

#3 Fiber Optics use Less Energy

Metal wiring degrades over time. No matter what you do to it, copper can only handle so much electricity. Additionally, copper wiring loses data as it travels. No matter how much data compression you use, some data will be lost. It can't be helped. This just does not happen with FiOS. All a company has to do to make it better is simply upgrade the equipment at both ends of the line and it starts working again. Very simple.

#4 FiOS is a Greener Alternative

Verizon FiOS is a greener alternative to traditional high speed Internet. To put it simply, imagine the amount of electricity it takes to send an e-mail from New York all the way to California. Picture an electrical current running all the way hitting multiple servers along the way. Now, picture a flash of light making the same run. Not only is the light quicker, it is uses lesser energy and thus a lower "carbon footprint."

#5 FiOS is NOT Affected by the Weather

If you are like most people, then you have noticed your internet can be flaky during an electrical storm. This is because traditional high speed internet uses copper wires to transfer data and it uses electricity to do so. However, FiOS uses fiber optic cables and light, neither of which is affected by the weather. While they are not immune to everything, they are a lot more stable than traditional Internet.

#6 FiOS is Just Plain Faster

Verizon FiOS uses fiber optic technology to run their fastest Internet ever. As mentioned in other fun facts, FiOS uses light to make this happen. It is the use of light through the fiber optic cables which makes Verizon FiOS the fastest (along with AT&T UVerse who also uses fiber optics) Internet available.

How much faster is Verizon FiOS than traditional high speed Internet? The current record is 15.5 Terabits per second over a distance of 7,000 km. For all you non-geeks, it is like comparing dial-up to DSL.

Now that you know all about fiber optics, you can make an informed decision. Find the best Verizon FiOS promotion code and start browsing the Web at the speed of light today.

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